Our groupware system is the missing link in your current mail solution. It offers standards based cross platform and mobile access to your calendar, address book, and email. It supports sharing calendars, address books, and email folders to other users with granular permissions.  The groupware system is offered free with our Shared Hosting package. 

This allows you to:

  • Share a company calendar to all employees.
  • Share your calendar with your assistant/receptionist so they can see your schedule and even schedule events for you if allowed.    
  • Create a shared company address book with your clients contact information.
  • Share customer email correspondence folders.
  • Schedule meetings using free/busy information and e-vites. 


  • Shared
    • Calendars
    • Address Books
    • Email Folders
  • AJAX Webmail Interface
  • Thick Client Supports:
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
  • Thick Client and Webmail Interface have similar look and feel
  • Mobile Sync Supports:
    • Blackberry
    • Windows Mobile
    • Symbian
    • iPhone (Contacts Only)
    • Android (Contacts Only)
  • Open Standards Based:
    • CalDav
    • CardDav
    • GroupDav
    • SMTP
    • IMAP
    • SyncML