Remote Support

To get support please call 1-217-717-9039 or contact us

The downloads below are our TJ Squared RemoteSupport program.  They allow you to let us remotely access your computer.  Please download and install the correct one for your operating system.

The Mac OS X version requires Python 2.5 which is included in Mac OS X 10.5(Tiger).  If you have an older version of Mac OS X please update to 10.5 or install Python 2.5. 

The Fedora/CentOS RPM version requires wxPython and x11vnc be installed.  These dependencies are available in rpm format.  The wxPython RPM is available from the normal Fedora/CentOS repositories and the x11vnc RPM is available from  

RemoteSupport Windows XP/Vista/74.65 MB
RemoteSupport Mac OS X Leopard690.96 KB
RemoteSupport Mac OS X Snow Leopard691.09 KB
RemoteSupport Fedora/Centos RPM10.33 KB