Hosting Service Upgrades

Here at TJ Squared we have been working hard to improve our customers services.

We have completed several network upgrades to improve service for our hosting customers.

  • Upgraded to a New Internet Connection that is 3x Faster
  • Implemented a Redundant Switching Network
  • Converted to a Structured Wiring System 

We are finishing the testing of our redundant storage and virtual server platform for our hosting services and should start moving customers shortly.  We hope to have all of our current customers moved by the end of January. 

We are trying to use Facebook and to better communicate with our customers and keep them informed of upcoming downtime and news. Please become a fan on Facebook so we can get a pretty URL and leave us a review while you are at it.

Another improvement that customers will notice is the implementation of a ticket system for keeping track of service issues.  Feel free to call or email us to create a ticket.