Frequently Asked Questions


Questions related to hosting.

To manage your hosting go to  Login using your full email address and password. 

Our nameservers are:



  1. Start Mail then in Mail > Prefrences select the Accounts tab. 
  2. Press the + button at the bottom of the accounts list.
  3. Enter the following details:
    Full Name: Your Full Name
    User name:
    Password: Your-password
  4. After it finishes searching enter these details

    Account Type: IMAP
    Description: Your description of this account
    Incoming Mail Server:
    User Name:
    Password: Your-password

  5. Click Continue


To configure Thunderbird:

  1. Download Thunderbird from Mozilla Messaging.  
  2. Configure your email account.
    1. Enter your name, full email address, and password and press Continue.
    2. Click Create Account.

Your incoming mail server(IMAP) is and your outgoing mail server(SMTP) is also  The outgoing mail server requires authentication.  Your username for both incoming and outgoing mail is your full email address. 

We have valid SSL Certificates on the mail server and recommend you use them to protect your privacy and password.  In your mail client make sure to look in the advanced options to make sure this is selected for your privacy. 

Go to  Your username is your full email address.